Bacteria & Odor Elimination

Bacteria & Odor Elimination

Our team is especially thorough with every cleaning service we provide.

We treat each vehicle as if it were our own. This means we want you to feel safe, satisfied, and happy with a clean car free of bacteria and odor.  Over time it is natural for your vehicle to no longer have that “new car smell”. Of course it is possible to use air fresheners and other scents to mask odors, but this is just a temporary fix for an issue that needs proper attention. 


Odors can occur from mold, mildew, smoke, fumes, food, and other sources. These smells can be stubborn and unpleasant. Even if you get used to it over time… your passengers will probably notice a smell! These odors may not just be unpleasant, they may even represent a health risk if not properly addressed. 


The best way to remove odor and bacteria from your vehicle interior is a thorough detailing. In addition to our incredibly thorough processes to clean and detail the interior, there are specific steps that we take here to ensure your car will be odor and bacteria-free.


We are very knowledgeable about the multiple potential sources of odor. It isn’t necessarily just your vehicle’s cabin that is creating an unpleasant smell. We will deep clean difficult to reach spots in your car’s engine bay and air ducts to ensure there is zero chance of odor or bacteria remaining in your car.  

If you want your vehicle to look and feel as new as if you had just bought it, then you will want to carefully detail it. If you are worried about how to kill germs in cars/trucks/SUV and want your vehicle to not only look great, but be healthy for you to be in, then you need to consider a bacteria and odor elimination service with Distinct Detail!

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