Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

The best way to understand Ceramics Coatings is to think of them as a second layer of skin. A durable layer of protection over your car’s clearcoat.

Ceramic Coatings utilize nanotechnology, which is essentially tiny particles that form a very fine, thin layer of protection completely invisible to the eye. Because these particles are so small, when applied to a surface, they seal all the pores making the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), but also resistant to UV, scratches, chemicals, extreme heat, and even anti-graffiti. This 9H Ceramic layer is completely transparent.

C-Quartz Finest Reserve

Hydrophobic – Advanced water repelling properties
Protects from bugs
Easy Maintenance
Fine Swirl Resistant
Protects from Bird Bombs
Dust and Dirt Resistant

3 years of Protection with proper car care, washing, and maintenance
Corrects Paint Defects

Chemically bonds to the surface creating a layer of protection, making the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent). Resistant to UV, scratches, chemicals, extreme heat, and even anti-graffiti. A ceramic layer is completely transparent.

Ceramic Coatings do not stop rock chips, they do not prevent water spots, they do not replace proper care or maintenance, they do not prevent dings or dents, and they do not last forever.

Just because your vehicle has undergone the ceramic paint process or treatment, it doesn’t mean you no longer need to dust, wash or remove bird bombs. You still do. The difference is that maintaining your paint will require less elbow grease and less of your time.

We are ready to help you keep your vehicle looking pristine with our advanced color enhancement. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.

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