Important details of a classic car wash every car owner should know

Learn the important details of a classic car wash. Classic car maintenance is a process that differs from normal car upkeep in a variety of ways. From frequency and type of wash to the specific products used in regular cleaning is important to classic car enthusiasts and owners who spare no expense when it comes to keeping their antique and collector cars looking showroom ready.

Many enthusiasts and collectors of classic cars commit themselves to a different approach to vehicle cleaning, prevention and maintenance that more conventional car owners may not consider to be necessary in the upkeep of their vehicle. For instance, due to the fact that most classic cars are stored between special events such as car shows they do not require the same regular washing that other vehicles would. An automatic car wash, even a touchless wash, should be avoided in lieu of hand washing and detailing. Using premium products for polishing and waxing is a must as well. Many classic car collectors will also obtain a periodic steam cleaning for their car by a professional auto detailer for the best results in paint protection. Engine cleaning is also a sensitive aspect of classic car upkeep so it’s always best to allow professionals to handle the process of engine degreasing and steam cleaning as they have the expertise to handle delicate and rare engine parts. Rust prevention is an extremely important part of classic car upkeep. Some classic cars do not boast the same technological advances more modern cars possess such as galvanized steel undercarriages. It is important to wash your car as soon as possible after any trips to the beach and to wipe down any excess water after washing with an absorbent cloth or genuine chamois leather. Many classic car owners will also have a professional detailer apply a special rust-proof coating to their vehicle’s undercarriage as further protection. Keeping these tips in mind when maintaining your classic car will keep it showroom ready for many more years to come. If you need a professional to help you decide what’s best for your classic car, you can always count on Distinct Detail to provide a discerning eye and expert touch.


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