Fabric Guard Protectant

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Fabric Guard Protectant

What better way to take care of your car’s interior than with fabric protectant?

A premium barrier for fabric, leather and vinyl seats. Protect against those unavoidable spills. Once applied, most water and oil base spills are easily wiped away without leaving a stain. This service will make your vehicle a pleasure to drive and keep it feeling showroom-new. Book an appointment today!


Fabric guard protectant is crucial to maintaining your vehicle’s interior and keeping it clean for longer. Think of it as insurance against spills and stains and a way to prolong the life of your vehicle’s fabric.


Our crew will carefully work the protectant into the surface of your vehicle and ensure each fiber is carefully coated. This protective layer will keep your upholstery safe from dirt, grease, and stains without altering the color, feel, or texture of your vehicle’s upholstery. In other words, keep it feeling fresh and clean for much longer with our protective treatment.


You will find that clean-ups from any messes are much much easier when you have a fabric guard protectant provided by Distinct Detail. Our protectant will lock into the fibers of your vehicle’s fabric and prevent messes from penetrating too far. Messes will wipe away in an instant and stains will be a thing of the past!


We know that not everyone is as enthusiastic about cleaning cars as we are… so why not make it easier on yourself by getting a protective layer and have one less thing to worry about with your car. You will save yourself time and money in the long run and thank yourself each time you get in your vehicle.

We are ready to help you keep your vehicle feeling fresh for a long time with our fabric guard protectant services. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.

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