After decades of automatic car wash use, the average vehicle owner is now
opting instead to patronize hand car washes because of the many benefits offered by a personal, professional touch.

The routine maintenance of keeping your vehicle clean is one of the most important aspects
of car care that many people can overlook. Keeping your vehicle’s interior as well as exterior
regularly cleaned will add value and life to your car in ways you may have not considered. Many
people will opt to have their car cleaned by an automatic car wash but there are benefits to
having your car hand washed instead. For instance, it allows for early detection of minor
problems that could become more costly over time, such as minor cracks in the windshield or
leather interior. Even though hand washes can be more costly upfront, they can save you
money in the long run by giving your vehicle a more thorough cleaning that requires less
frequent visits. Hand washes will leave your car spic and span in ways that automatic car
washes will not, and professional detailers will offer advice on ways to keep your car maintained
between cleanings. If you want to truly preserve the beauty of your vehicle, leave it to a
professional, human touch to give your vehicle a true top-to-bottom, inside and out treatment
that automatic car washes just can’t compete with. Taking the extra care to have your car hand
washed is also better for the environment, as detailers are more conservative with water and
chemicals, and can even prevent early signs of rust. Another benefit of patronizing hand washes
is the fact they provide more jobs for those that are unemployed or underemployed than an auto
wash company. If you go to a detailer that offers steam cleaning you can also keep your car’s
interior free from bacteria and other germs that could potentially cause harm to you or your
family. So next time your vehicle needs a wash, take the extra step for you and your car and see
a hand wash specialist.